Privacy Policy

  1. We take the privacy and security of our walkers’ details very seriously. Please be assured that we use your name and address solely in connection with fundraising for the North London Hospice. We value your support and we will not abuse it by providing your name, address or other personal details to anyone else.
  2. If you wish your stored details to be removed or amended, you may contact us using the details provided on this site and we, the North West Support Group, will amend our records as soon as we are able.
  3. The information Gift Aid donors give us is used only for obligatory record-keeping and will be destroyed at the end of the statutory record-keeping period.
  4. The server used to store and process your information is protected by standard security measures such as virus scanners and Internet firewalls. However, whilst we do our very best to ensure the integrity of these systems, we cannot be held responsible for the results of damage caused to our systems by outside parties.

For more information about how we use your information in the context of the Big Fun Walk, email our technical support team at