What should I wear?

An official Big Fun Walk T-shirt!  We would like as many people as possible to wear the Big Fun Walk T-shirt, which is why we are only charging £5 each.

We also recommend comfortable layered clothing which will keep you warm if there is a chilly start to the day and which you can gradually remove if and when it warms up later. Wear well-fitting, comfortable footwear such as trainers or flat shoes. You will regret wearing ballet pumps, high heels, wellies, loose-fitting shoes or flip-flops, whereas walking boots such as those worn in the Peak District are definitely overkill. If it looks like it is going to rain a folding umbrella is a good idea. If you have young children and/or dogs with you, you may wish to bring some snacks.  Remember, you will be given a Big Fun Walk drawstring rucksack at check-in to carry it all.

If you are in a team you can wear suitable matching items, fancy dress and barmy headgear. This will definitely increase your chances of featuring in our online photo gallery!