How and when should I send you my sponsor money?

If you use an online fundraising page, all of the money and Gift Aid payments are transferred to the Hospice automatically. We encourage everybody to have raised their sponsorship by the day of the walk but recognise that this isn’t always possible, so as soon as possible after the walk is still absolutely fine.

If you have used fundraising forms and have collected cash from your sponsors, please collect the money pledged by your sponsors and send a cheque made payable to ‘North London Hospice’ to Big Fun Walk, North London Hospice, 47 Woodside Avenue, London, N12 8TT. We advise against sending cash in the post, but please feel free to drop by into our North Finchley site where one of our team can receive it personally.

Please do not take or send any forms, money or cheques to any of the Hospice shops as it causes administration problems for both the Hospice staff and shop staff and will result in significant delay in the funds reaching us.